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  • Leasing is a financial agreement in which an individual or an organisation pays to use an asset (land, machinery, vehicle, etc.) for a specific timeframe.
  • Leasing can make financial sense for those who want a brand-new car every two to four years.
  • Contract hire is a type of vehicle finance, typically described as a long-term lease agreement between an individual or an organisation and a finance provider for the use of a new car.
  • The vehicle is owned by the finance provider and returned to them at the end of the predetermined period of lease.
  • The leasee does not own the vehicle.
  • Business contract hire is for businesses and is personal contract hire is for individuals.
  • It is the same type of financial agreement but with slightly different terms and conditions.

Opting for contract hire finance frequently means that you can drive a higher-quality brand new car that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford to purchase outright. We see the benefits of contract hire as:

  • Payments tend to be cheaper
  • Flexible contract lengths
  • Maintenance packages (optional) cover your service and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • A contract hire rental agreement doesn’t provide you with the option to buy the vehicle.
  • If you would like a type of vehicle finance that includes the ability to purchase the vehicle at the end of your contract, please contact us to discuss your options.
  • A maintenance package is an optional additional product offered by finance providers to help keep vehicle upkeep costs predictable.
  • Packages will vary between finance providers and manufacturers but you will generally pay a fixed monthly amount to cover servicing and vehicle maintenance by approved partners for the lifetime of your financial agreement.
  • We include the finance provider’s maintenance package price on our quotations to ensure our customers are aware of the option to take the product.

It is your first payment to your finance provider when your contract begins. It will be taken after you take delivery of the vehicle you are leasing, normally within the next ten working days.

Initial payments will be taken after you take delivery of the vehicle, normally within the next ten working days. Your monthly payment dates can be determined by your contract start date or by your finance provider’s dedicated billing date (e.g. the 15th of every month).

  • Your finance provider will charge you a fee if you have exceeded the agreed total mileage of your finance agreement at the end of your contract. This fee is determined by the number of additional miles you have done multiplied by the excess mileage charge stated in your contract.
  • We will detail your excess mileage charge on your quotation form.

Most finance providers will allow customers to cancel their agreements but you will incur an early termination charge, which can be anything from 50% of the total of payments outstanding.

All the cars we supply come with a full manufacturer warranty.

No. Our finance partners require the leasee to be insured as the main driver of the leased vehicle which isn’t possible without a full valid UK Driving License.

You are the leasee and your finance provider is the leaser.

Leasing through a business can give you the ability to claim back VAT on your lease payments. We can help you lease the vehicle either way but ultimately it’s down your preference.

Yes, we offer our services to new businesses. Our finance partners may request additional mandatory information to consider your application.

Yes, we offer free driven delivery to the UK mainland for all orders placed with us. We can also arrange for vehicles to be delivered on a trailer at an additional cost to the leasee.

Subject to vehicle availability and satisfactory completion of finance agreements, we may be able to arrange delivery for within seven days for business customers and fifteen days for personal customers.

Yes. However, some of our manufacturer suppliers use vehicle distribution sites to meet their larger logistical requirements and in these cases collection from site cannot be offered.

Road tax is included for the duration of your contract unless otherwise stated in your financial agreement.

You’ve seen that curious little graphic on each car that we offer and you’re wondering what it means? Well, we want our customers to recognize that the cheapest deal isn’t necessarily the best deal. The LH Value Score helps you differentiate between cars of similar monthly payments to see which we think is better value. The higher the score, the better the value.